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We all learn things from the census, but there have never been any questions relating to non-monogamy. So what are poly people like in relation to everyone else? In, you know, a census-y way?

Loving More, a polyamory focused non-profit in the United States, did one of the most extensive surveys of polyamorous people to date. And it did it in a census-y way, asking census style questions to try to come up with real data to compare the poly community with the general population.

Now, the sample size was small and self-selected (people who were self-identified as polyamorous volunteered to participate in the survey), so your university statistics professor might not have a lot of time for this data. But we at London Polyamory do, because it’s interesting and might shed some light on the community here and abroad.

So we’re staging a competition. Poly people vs. The United State General Population: Let the games begin.

Ding ding. And the first round goes to poly people.

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For the second round, there are no winners.

Here’s some advice for if you’re facing discrimination in the workplace.


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But for the third round, poly people are back on top.


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